Saturday, March 2, 2013

~~Geometry & Freebies~~

We began our geometry unit last week.  I wanted to do some different activities this year to make the unit hands-on for my students.  Geometry is a fun unit to teach and the students always respond to the lessons.  The unit started off with plane figures.  We discussed edges, faces, & vertices as a class and made anchor charts in our journals.  For my hands-on activity, students were placed into groups. I gave each group marshmallows and toothpicks.  They had to build 3-D shapes.  Last year, I used pretzel sticks but they didn't work out too well with the marshmallows.  Check out the finished shapes. 

The next day we learned about types of lines.  My students loved drawing the different types.  We had a long discussion about which streets in our town were parallel and intersecting.  Each student used toothpicks and a piece of card stock to make each type.  Check them out below.


Today we discussed types of angles.  I did this idea last year and it was a hit with the class.  Students made "Angle Ashley" or "Angle Andy".  Each student received 2 pipe cleaners (different colors).  One was for the body and the other for arms &  legs.  Students paired up with a friend and made angles with the arms and legs.  I set my timer for 2 minutes and let them go.  I just sat back and watched in amazement as the students laughed and had fun!  Check out our "Angle Buddies" below!

We also made an angle foldable to help remember the types of angles.  I decided to use scrapbook sheets instead of plain paper.  The scrapbook paper was larger and thicker.  Check them out below!


We worked on types of triangles.  I introduced the different types of triangles to the class. I found this cute foldable from Fabulous in Fifth and knew my students would love it!  My class loves making foldables for any type of skill.  I gave the students a ruler and had them draw each type of triangle on construction paper.  Then, they cut out the triangle and glued it next to the correct triangle.  Check out the finished products below.

What a week!!!  I made a chart of geometric shapes for a review.  Please enjoy!!!!



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  1. Thanks very much for sharing your Geometric Solids Freebie. This will come in handy when my class is learning about 3D objects in a few weeks. Thanks again.


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