Saturday, April 12, 2014

~~So much News~~

Oh my ...I have been so bad to my little blog!   My life has been super crazy for the last few months. Where do I even start?!   First of all, I enjoyed a family vacation to Disney World during our Mardi Gras break.  Mom and Dad came with us and had a blast.   Spending time with them was great and so many memories were made at Disney.  I must say....My absolute favorite characters are Mike and Sully!!!!  I couldn't wait to meet them!!!  Here are a couple of pictures from Disney.

  Mardi Gras Day with Mike & Sully

Mom & Dad looking precious

Dinner with Tigger & the gang

Now...for some sad news...I made the decision to leave my current school and will not return in August.   A lot of thought and prayer went into my choice, and I have mixed emotions about leaving.  There were several deciding factors that went into play on why I am leaving.  But, I do know that I'm very excited and sad at the same time.  To be honest, I am very upset about leaving my team in 3rd grade, especially Laura.  We have worked together for the last 5 years and became very close.  We know everything about each other, we're like sisters.   When Judy joined our team this school year, I knew that she would fit right in with us!  Judy was in 1st grade last year and moved up to 3rd this year.  The 3 of us rock 3rd grade!!  I am going to miss my buddies dearly!!!  And if you are wondering...NO, I do not have a job lined up for August.  I am still looking and hoping to find a job soon. I am open to whatever challenge God puts into my path, teaching related or not.

Some VERY overwhelming and exciting news...I am officially a Creative Teaching Press Exclusive Blogger.  I couldn't be more thrilled to be working with CTP and their awesome products.  I just received my first package in the mail this week.  Check out all of the products I get to preview and try in my classroom. Today my precious students were able to make "cootie catchers" or fortune tellers in math.  We have been learning about perimeter and area so I was ecstatic to see a fortune teller math book in the package.  Guess what??  There was one on data and perimeter. The look on every one's face was priceless when I told them we were making "cootie catchers".  They had no idea what I was talking about until someone yelled out, "You mean fortune tellers?"  LOL  My students had an awesome time playing with their fortune tellers.  They even played them during recess outside!!!!  Definitely a hit with my class!!!

Look at these awesome products I get to try out

area & perimeter cootie catchers

Whew....that was super long for a post!  I can't wait to share more Creative Teaching Press product reviews with you soon!!!  Keep checking back!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

~~~Penguins & Sneaux Days~~~

"Sneaux" Day Louisiana style!!  Yes, we are having snow days in Louisiana, third one to be exact.  Who would have thought we would have snow here!!  It's sad that everything closes because of a little snow and sleet.  I don't know how to drive in icy weather and neither does anyone else here!  Check out our "Sneaux"!!!


I am trying to keep up with my New Year resolutions and blog. So far, I have accomplished all of my goals EXCEPT blogging more!  I just can't find the time to write!  At least I am working out regularly and eating healthy every day~~Yahoo!  

Penguins, Penguins, Penguins~~We love Penguins!!  My third graders wrote an informative nonfiction essay about penguins.  We started by reading several penguin stories.

Here are the books we read. 


Our favorite was Antarctic Antics.  There is also a video (which is my favorite too!). The video can be found on the Discovery Education site.  Our school has a subscription to this site so I am not sure if you can access it.  After reading several books and discussing what we know and learned about penguins, students did a prewriting activity.  They had to write several penguin facts.  The facts could be about anything we discussed as a class or something they read  from the books.  You can download your free copy of the fact sheet HERE. Then, they made penguin puppets and wrote the facts on the back using a bubble map.  Check them out below. Sorry, I do not have a pattern to share for the puppet. 


Students wrote their rough draft using the bubble map.  I found a cute way to help them edit their writing.  I used skittles after each complete sentence.  This way they could see if a sentence had to be changed.  Check them out below!

Last, students wrote the final copy of their penguin essay.  They made penguins from toilet rolls and puffy paint.  The puffy paint was made from liquid glue and black paint. 
The finished essay came out adorable! 

I hope you enjoyed our Penguins!  Now, I'm off to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

~~Currently January & Challenges~~

I know...I know...I have neglected my little blog (I feel so bad about this!).  I didn't mean to ignore it, time just got away from me.  School and family are really keeping me super busy!!

As I sit down to type, I am thinking about some things I want to challenge myself to this year. I made a list of goals I want to accomplish in 2014!

2014 Resolutions
(Here is the site I found, but there are MANY out there!) keep up with my challenge of blogging, I am linking up with Farley @ Oh' Boy 4th Grade. So, here goes my January Currently with Farley! Don't forget to link up!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

~~I am still here...~~

Oh My....I have been M.I.A big time!!!  You have no idea how busy I've been.  School started August 12th~~over a month ago!!!!!  Every time I sit down to blog, I remember a test I need to type or paper to grade.  Plus, my daughter started a new school that is 30 minutes away and I pick her up each day.  When we finally get home, it is waaaay to late to even think about blogging!!! baby girl turned 13 this month!!!!  I have a teenager in the house!!!!
My 28 kiddos have been keeping me super busy at school.  I must admit that it is pretty hectic in the classroom with so many students~~BUT I love them all!!  We also adopted common core this year.  I spend many nights researching activities and planning for school.  But, between all of this mass confusion, I did manage to create some wonderful and colorful posters for my room.  I am offering them to everyone for FREE.  My first set of posters are the four types of sentences.  I hope you can use these cute posters for your room too! Download your copy HERE @ TpT and HERE @ TN.

I am linking up with Classroom Freebies: Manic Monday. Don't forget to stop by and check out other freebies!!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

My second set is about Nouns.  We only focused on regular and irregular plural nouns and abstract nouns.  I hope you can use them in your classroom. Download your free copy HERE @ TN and HERE @ TpT.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

~~Back to School Sale~~

I am so excited about the TpT Back to School Sale!!!  My cart is full, and my printer is inked up and ready to print!!!  My entire store is on sale today and tomorrow, August 18th and 19th.  You can save 20% off of all products and an additional 8% off at checkout using code BTS13. You can visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store (HERE). Don't forget to leave some sweet feedback so you can earn TpT points!!!!


I just love this precious sale banner from Jamie @ Firsties with Heart.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

~~Classroom Tour & lots of Freebies~~

I am finally sitting down to blog~~it's been 2 1/2 weeks but it feels like forever!  School started on Monday of this week, and I am so happy to be back!!  I really missed my coworkers and students.

 I am the proud teacher of 28 precious, sweet, and lovable babies this year in 3rd grade.  You wouldn't believe the hugs I received in the last 3 days!!  I must admit that I was kinda sad to start school even though I missed everyone.  My baby girl is an 8th grader at another school~~she has been with me since she was in toddler 3.  I can't believe how different it feels to not have her with me.  I guess those hugs are just what I needed!!!! 

I am also finally getting around to show off my classroom.  I am in love with all of the bright and cheerful colors.  I want my students to feel happy when they are in my room. I hope you like everything!
view from the back 

view from the front

centers & calendar math

assignment pad (homework)


AR board (my FAVORITE)

view of classroom library

behavior clip chart

job chart

prayer area

bucket filling:

birthday board (I need to add student pictures)

Writer's Eye board
grab pencil here: The Teacher Wife
grab posters (different than ones shown) here: Sailing Through 1st Grade
I changed the posters for my third graders.  I do not have them available.

word wall

grab labels (HERE) for FREE

lunch choices and AR sign up

group baskets:
grab group labels (HERE) for FREE
grab story sticks (HERE) for FREE

3rd grade handbooks & treats for supply day:
drink labels QR Queens (my absolute favorite tags)
snack mix labels 2nd Grade Shenanigans

student name plates

I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of my classroom!  I am extremely happy with how my classroom came out.

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