Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happy Summer

Hello Everyone!    My heart is so happy that I am finally getting back to blogging.  Also, I am returning to the classroom as a 3rd grade teacher after being a librarian for 2 years.  Yes, it was beyond awesome being a librarian...BUT...I am so excited about teaching 3rd grade again.  My heart is in 3rd and I can't wait to meet my kiddos in August!  Not only am I going back into the classroom, but I am also moving to a different school.  SUPER EXCITED about that too!!!! 

I have always loved the theme of Peace, Love, and Happiness (can't you tell from my blog!!!). After much thought, I have decided to switch up my theme this coming school year.  PINEAPPLES caught my eye!!!  I literally can't stop searching Pinterest for pineapples!!!  After hours and hours of looking for the perfect décor, I have finally found the right color combination that I absolutely LOVE and CANNOT live without!!!!  I am using Fun & Fresh Pineapple Decor from The Seeds We Sow. Stephanie from The Seeds We Sow is so sweet!!  I asked her for the font she used and she was more than happy to help me!!! 

Pineapple Classroom Decor: The Bundle

Aren't you in love with the bright colors??!! I already printed the calendar, clip chart, and posters.  I also created my own Writer's Eye posters and objective labels.  I can't wait to get in my classroom and start decorating!  I know I am going to LOVE my room this year, thanks to Stephanie!!!

I will keep in touch and let you know how my classroom turns out!!!  Here are some things I plan on using in my room!!

Love these colors!

Pineapple Bulletin Board (HOW ADORABLE!!)
Much love to Erica, Paige, & Jessica

Pineapple Lamp (80% at Hobby Lobby!)

Upgrading my cart to bright colors!
Thanks to my sweet husband!

clips for my behavior chart from Michaels (AWESOME)!

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