Friday, January 11, 2013

~~Busy Week~~

Since returning from the holidays, I have been super busy at work.  My week was filled with meetings, grading papers, report cards, mom's surgery, and flying bats!  You heard me right~~a flying bat in the hallway at school!  My students were so excited to watch the bat flying up and down the hallway as our PE coach tried to catch it with a garbage can and towel.  NO, he did not succeed in catching the bat.  But, I must admit that I was laughing so hard  I could barely breathe.  Several teachers filmed the entire episode!!  We had to promise NOT to show the video~~~ever!  It (will probably show up at the next faculty meeting) will never be seen by anyone! 

Please check out what my class has been up to this week.  We began reading Charlotte's Web on Monday.  The students started by learning about E. B. White and writing a mini report on him.  Then, they compared/contrasted farm life with city life by making Venn Diagrams.  After reading chapter 1, students created birth announcements for Wilbur.  They all came out precious!!! Please check them out below.  Click (HERE) to download my free Charlotte's Web unit~~35 pages filled with activities, spelling lists, vocabulary lists, and more!

But first, my absolute favorite thing of the week~~a Disney gift from one of my students!  I LOVE Monsters, Inc.~~really, really LOVE the movie.  My precious Maddy went to Disney for Christmas and gave me the most wonderful gift!!!  I love my Monsters, Inc. characters!!!! 



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  1. Awesome! The Venn Diagrams are precious. Another bat....there must be a nest somewhere. We had one in the hall last year.


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