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TAG...I'm it!!!  I am so excited that Michelle @ has TAGGED me!!!! Read below for the rules:

Here are the rules:
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I was asked the following questions and my answers are the following:

1. What teacher inspired you most & why?
I would say my elementary teachers in grades K-4 inspired me the most.  I had 6 different teachers in elementary school each year and was able to see so many teaching styles!!

2.  What has been the most challenging behavior problem you've had to deal with?
In my 16 years of teaching, I would say disrespect from students whose parents do not respect me.  Students know when their parents do not agree with your teaching styles.

3.  If you didn't teach, what would you be doing?
I would love to be a Marriage & Family Psychologist.  I would love to help couples &  families with their relationship and help them become closer.

4.  What do you do in your summers off?
I do not work during the summers.  I basically sit out by the pool and enjoy the sun with my daughter!  Lazy, I know!!!

5.  School lunch or bring your own?
BOTH!  I only like some things from our cafeteria.  On days I have lunch/recess duty, I usually bring my lunch. 

6.  What is one word that describes your teaching style?
Hands-On!  I am a visual learner myself.  I love when my students are out of their seats working, learning, & having fun!

7.  Coffee or hot cocoa?
I drink hot chocolate---my daughter is the coffee drinker!

8.  What is the ideal # of students to have in a classroom?
I think 20 is the perfect # of students.  I have taught 15 girls at one time---LOVED IT!  I have also taught 35 at one time----too many problems! 

9.  What's the funniest thing a student has ever said to you or asked you about?
I teach in a Catholic school.  While teaching about Jesus' Second Coming, we were discussing the "good" and "bad" groups people will be divided into.  A boy asked (his mom is teacher at my school), "So, I will be by myself when my mom and dad are on the bad side?"  I had to call his mom and let her know that she is sooo bad!!! She almost fell on the ground!

10. If you could choose a celebrity to team teach with for a day, who would it be & why?
I would definitely need to pick Bret Michaels from Poison!  He would be so fun to work with.  Just think:  He could just sing all the lessons to the students!

Here are the 10 questions for my TAGGED friends to answer: Enjoy!!

1.  How many years have you been teaching and blogging?
2.  If you could change one thing about your classroom, what would it be & why?
3.  How do you spend your summer vacations?
4.  Beach or Mountains?
5.  Describe the ideal student!
6.  Do you perfer worksheets, hands on, or technology to teach with?
7.  If you had $500 to spend in your classroom, what would you purchase?
8.  What is your favorite classroom game?
9.  Do you work during the summer on lesson planning?
10.  If you had the chance to visit a foreign country, where would you go & why?

I had a blast answering all of Michelle's ( questions.  I hope you enjoyed reading my answers as much as I enjoyed answering them!!! 

Remember, if you are "TAGGED", repost the rules, answer the 10 questions, and make up your own!  Don't forget to link my post on your blog!

Happy "TAGGING",

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