Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Linky Party~~My First One!!!

I am super excited to be participating in my very first Linky Party!!!  I hopped over to Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies and joined the Parent Communication Linky Party.

 I personally feel that parent communication is very important year round.  I am always sending home notes to parents about reminders and upcoming events.  My school requires that we maintain a weekly website.  Click here ( Quia website ) to see my school site.  I post things such as reminders, weekly homework & tests, important dates, and skills for each subject.  I am limited to how the site is set up so I try my best to be creative. This week and next I will not post any skills for individual subjects.  We are taking our state tests this week and next.

In addition to my weekly Quia site, I send home a newsletter.  I include what we are learning, special activities, birthdays, dates, & other information I feel parents would like to know.  Here is a copy of one of the newsletters I already sent home. 

I hope these ideas were helpful to you.  In the future, my plan is to have a blog for my parents so I can post weekly pictures and completed activities for them to view. 

Hop over to Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies and join the Parent Communication Linky Party!  


  1. Thanks for participating in my linky party! I am excited this is your first linky! :) I am your newest follower

    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

  2. :) Great ideas!! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I found your 3rd grade blog from Lorraine's linky. I also teach 3rd grade.
    I am your newest follower.


  4. So glad you found my blog! I'm your newest follower:) Your blog looks GREAT, and I can't wait to grab my cup of coffee and start browsing:)


  5. Hey girl! Let me know if you need anything to up your blog followers :) xo

  6. Hey girl! When I wanted more followers I had a giveaway :) doesn't have to be big, and you can make the entries following your blog facebook tpt teachers notebook anything you want! :)

    I can give a shout out on my blog for people to follow you as well on my next entry :) be on the lookout!

  7. Thanks for the advice! Do you think I should give a gift card? If so, where from? I only have 3 free products on TPT so I don't have products to give away.
    Thanks so much!! I really wish I could join you and the other bloggers at the meet up in NYC!!!

  8. Hey! ANYTHING is worth a giveaway :) I only did 15 dollars worth, but even a 10 dollar gift card (who wouldn't love that?) especially because I am so short on money it's not even funny (hey that rhymed) :) Let me know if you need help or have any other questions! boudls89@yahoo.com is my email... and the blogger meet up is upstate new york, not NYC :)


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