Thursday, October 18, 2012

~~I've been BOO'd~~

My faithful friend, Laura @  Love to Teach :) just BOO'd me!!!  She must know that I LOVE
Halloween!!!  I must admit that I began the BOO game at my school 2 weeks ago.  Shhhh!!!! Kimberly doesn't know it was me!!!


Here's how to play:
Choose a fellow blogger that has MORE followers, another that has about the SAME number of followers, and last, someone that has LESS followers.  Lastly, leave them some love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."

My first blogger that I choose with MORE followers is Mel D.  @  Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations . Her blog is the very first blog I ever laid my eyes on.  I had no idea that blogging even existed!  I fell in LOVE with her ideas and activities the minute I began reading her blog. She is the reason I became a blogger.   I use many of her products/activities in my classroom: behavior tickets, noise level poster, Dr. Seuss hand print activity, and so many more!! Please head over to her blog and show her some blogging love!!

My second blogger I choose with about the SAME amount of followers is Ms. Walter @ Hoot Hoot Hooray!.  I met this wonderful blogger while I was trying to figure out this whole blog thing!  She is the sweetest and most wonderful blogging friend I have met!  She entered my first giveaway. After reading her sweet comment,  I headed over to her blog and checked it out.   I steal borrow from her all the time!!!  Please head over to her blog and show her some blogging love!
Hoot Hoot Hooray!

My last blogger with LESS (but catching up to me fast) followers than me is Sarah @ Wishful Teaching. I met Sarah in blog land too!  She donated a packet she created and was part of my first giveaway.  Sarah and I learned about blogging together.  I do admit that she is becoming much better than me with creating some awesome products!  We have helped each other through the learning process with creating new units and blogging.  I use A LOT of her ideas in my classroom!  Please head over to her blog and show her some blogging love!!!

I want to thank these awesome ladies for being faithful followers of my blog!  I do not sell any of my products so feel free to download and share as much as you want!!! 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Darleen :)

    Exciting that you are one follower away from 200!!! Congratulations!

    Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays, too, but then I think that teachers are kind of on holiday overload because we get to always celebrate with kids who are so excited about any and all holidays :) They sure do keep us young and easily excited!


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