Monday, September 24, 2012

~~~Pets in the Classroom Grant~~~

I couldn't wait to see my students' faces as they entered the classroom today.  My classroom has a new friend~~~our pet hamster!  The students were so excited and jittery as they walked into the classroom and saw the brightly colored hamster cage on the table.  I applied for a classroom pet through Pets in the Classroom Grant and was awarded a hamster. There are 6 grant types: 1) Rebate Grant   2) Sustaining Grant   3) Petco Grant    4) Petsmart Grant  5) Pet Supermarket Grant  and  6) Glofish Grant.  I applied for the Petco Grant.  It was so easy and simple to apply.  I filled out the application online, told them about myself, my students, and classroom.  Within 2 weeks, I received a coupon for a free hamster cage and 50% off  a hamster.  The total for my hamster and cage came to $11.  The best part of it all~~you can re-apply every fall for a pet in the classroom.  My daughter has had several hamsters over the last 5 years so I was very familiar with raising a small animal such as a hamster.  However, I never had a live animal in my classroom.    I can't wait to see what adventures this tiny, cute, adorable hamster has in store for my classroom!!!! 

Please check out Pets in the Classroom and apply for your very own classroom pet!!! 

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Click (HERE) to find out more!!!!
Here is our "Free" cage!!!

Here is our cute, new, fluffy friend!!! Isn't he adorable?!



  1. Very cute! I had a class hamster a couple of years ago and the kids loved it! Thanks for the info about the grant!

    Ms. M

  2. Love him!! What's his name? I have my own hammy at my house and I don't have the heart to bring him in because it might be too noisy :P I love him and they make wonderful pets.. mine has never bitten and loves me back (id like to think lol)


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